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Meals That Matter Monday: Lynchburg Daily Bread

Join us for a meaningful Meals That Matter Monday, where your dining not only delights but also makes a difference. Present the event flyer, and we’ll donate 10% of your food bill (excluding alcohol) to Lynchburg Daily Bread, an organization dedicated to fighting food insecurity in our community by providing daily hot meals to those in need. 🌟
Why It Matters:
Your participation supports Lynchburg Daily Bread’s mission to offer a “no questions asked” meal service, reaching a wide array of guests including the recently unemployed, part-time workers, the elderly, disabled, young families, single parents, and individuals with mental health challenges. They also extend their support to local shelters, early childhood programs, and healthcare partners with fresh food donations. In 2023, they served a staggering 246,177 meals, triple the amount provided pre-Covid, showcasing the critical role they play in our community. 💖
To learn more, please visit their website: https://www.lynchburgdailybread.com/
Get Involved:
Gather your friends and family for a meal that goes beyond satisfying hunger—it feeds the collective effort to combat food insecurity. The more we dine, the more we support Lynchburg Daily Bread in their essential service of providing daily meals and fresh food to those in need. 🙌
Can’t dine in? You can still contribute by ordering online. Simply present the event flyer when you pick up your order, and we’ll donate 10% of your food bill to this vital cause.
Let’s unite for a dining experience that supports Lynchburg Daily Bread in their unwavering commitment to feed the hungry and assist our community. Your support can help ensure that no one in Central Virginia goes without a meal. Join us in making a difference. See you there! ✨

The event is finished.


Apr 15 2024


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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