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DJ Cam’s EXCLUSIVE Karaoke Party!
Arrive early to ensure you take the spotlight!
Text the word: SING to (434) 838-4100 to receive a link to sign up online.
Entry: $10 ($5 with a valid/active student ID)
More details to know:
Our new karaoke guidelines limit each participant to two songs per night, with 36 sign-up slots available overall, accommodating about 10 singers per hour from 8-11:30.
While we offer 36 sign-up slots, these do not guarantee a performance due to possible time constraints and the natural flow of the event. Additionally, we maintain a 10-slot waitlist in case a registered singer is unable to perform.
Duets will count as a turn for both individuals. There are only 2 microphones, so only 2 singers are allowed on stage. Participants are advised to select songs that align with the event’s ambiance, & must not exceed a duration of 5 minutes. Excess intoxication will result in denied stage access for safety concerns.
Fast passes allow you to bypass the queue & are available for $20 with cash or card, but this option only applies if you’re already on the list, with a limit of 2 per person.
We strongly discourage overly explicit music, most rap songs, heavy metal/screamo, Disney songs, and any other selections that may be inappropriate for the venue’s atmosphere.
Please note, the DJ & the venue retains the right to refuse any song choice without providing an explanation or reason.
If you aren’t initially on the list but wish to sing, you could potentially secure a spot from the waitlist or opt for the special $50 fast pass exception if singing is crucial & of paramount importance to your evening.
Our goal is to foster a premium karaoke experience, focusing on the joy of music and performance, not a nightclub atmosphere. Our rules are designed to maintain a respectful and enjoyable environment for all whether you are a performer or an audience member.
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May 23 2024


8:00 pm - 11:30 pm



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