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Alex Butler

Alex Butler

country · rock · southern rock · modern country · cover band

With the bright lights of Memphis barely in sight from his hometown of Olive Branch, Mississippi, Alex Butler knew one day he would be under the neon somewhere. For nearly a decade now, that dream has been a reality. Touring the Southeast and sharing the stage with his heroes, Alex has found his place in the world. Alex spends his time perfecting the sounds fans have come to know, and his live shows are the party to attend. Finding that sound took years of practice and dedication, but that foundation laid has allowed him to pave the roads he’s travelled. Even though he’s been singing as long as he can remember, a career as a singer never really crossed his mind until college. There’s no musical family history, except for an aunt who plays piano, but being the beginning of the music tree for his family is something Alex believes will inspire those who come after him. Alex’s purpose in music is to give others an escape from the world for a few hours. His live shows include songs about life, love, beer and heartbreak, but when the night is finished, he walks off stage knowing that he’s done his job giving people a way to forget about life’s troubles. It’s worth it, he says, if he can reach just one person with his song.



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Apr 08 2023


8:00 pm - 11:30 pm


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